School menus

A school canteen service operates daily on the premises offering a varied menu of freshly cooked food. Lobby is our current catering provider and the quality of satisfaction of the children, families and staff is regularly monitored.

Lunch time is an important pause on the Eurocampus when the children from both the French and the German International Schools gather in turn by age to share a meal and a moment together. At the canteen pupils are supervised by a member of staff who ensures the good proceedings of this shared time.
Menus are planned so as to include fresh salads, cooked vegetables, carbohydrates, meat (fish every Friday), dairy products and fresh fruits. Vegetarian options are also offered. The menu is international, our caterer being Croatian, our school French/German and our staff and students coming from all over the world.
The cost of the canteen is not included in the school fees and charged separately.