French International School of Zagreb - a welcoming, open and connected school

The French International School of Zagreb / Eurocampus welcomes children from 3 to 18 in a dynamic multi-lingual environment. It is open to children of all nationalities, whether their first language is French or not. FISZ is a private school, fully recognised by the French and Croatian Education Ministries. It is managed as a non-profit association by a representative committee of the parents and led by a principal appointed by the French Ministry of Education. FISZ is part of the extensive international AEFE network of French schools around the world.

The Eurocampus - a unique International School

The French International School of Zagreb / Eurocampus  offers the excellence of the French educational programme in the exceptional setting of the Eurocampus in Zagreb.
The Eurocampus is both a place and a project where children enjoy the enrichment of close interaction with their counterparts in the German International School of Zagreb (Deutsche Internationale Schule Zagreb, DISZ), and strong links with other Zagreb-based international and Croatian schools.
In practice our school shares its premises with the German International School, and a whole lot more. Indeed of all the Eurocampuses in the world the Eurocampus of Zagreb is the most highly integrated one.
A special partnership between the two schools, FISZ and DISZ, allows all pupils to have access to shared activities, from after-school clubs to sport or foreign languages classes, as well as school trips and outings, and shared community times, from playtime and lunches to school fetes and parties in common.
This highly international environment, where more than 20 nationalities are commonly represented and many languages are spoken, opens our children to the world and its diversity. It makes for a very special place to grow, study and work that fosters emulation and mutual understanding.
The Eurocampus is the framework within which the FISZ operates and is very dear to all members of our school community, pupils, families and staff alike, each contributing to its continuous enrichment and development.

Welcome to our school!

We are proud of our diversity, of our openness to others, of our cultural interconnectedness.
We are proud of our strong European roots expressed, shared and lived daily with our friends of the German International School of Zagreb on our beautiful Eurocampus.
We are proud of our warm welcoming atmosphere, of the energy of our students, of the commitment of our staff members.
We are proud to be an educational centre of excellence.
We are proud to be the French International School in Zagreb.