Le Lycée / 14 - 18 years

This final stage of a pupil’s schooling, which is absolutely essential for their future, is geared towards the preparation of a national diploma, the Baccalauréat, and runs over three years: la Seconde (2nde), la Première (1ère) and la Terminale.

  • Pupils can choose between two streams from the 1ère onwards: the General Stream (where pupils choose further between three sub-divisions: either the Literary, or the Scientific, or the Economic and Social streams) and the Technological Stream (in which the main stream is STMG (Science and Technology of Management and Business).
  • The High School courses offered for all pupils by the French International School of Zagreb are provided by the CNED (Centre National d’Enseignement à Distance – a national distance-learning institute) – with the exceptional benefit of a very thorough, regular and rigorous accompaniment in person by specialist qualified teachers in all subjects. Practically speaking, this means that students can choose a highly personalised combination of subjects, receive their lessons from the CNED but are not left alone to work at home by themselves. Far from it they come every day to FISZ where the teachers explain, revise and explore further the lessons. The timetable is demanding but enables all to work and progress in a most fruitful way.
  • An added advantage of this system is that the small number of students at the Lycée level allows for much closer support to be given for each particular lesson, all the while giving each student the opportunity to build friendships with their fellow students from the German school. Another highlight of the added value of studying in our Eurocampus.