L’école élémentaire / 6-10 years

The Elementary School consists of five grades or years covering two cycles: the ‘cycle 2’ embeds the fundamentals of learning.

This starts with the ‘cours préparatoire’ (First Year, known as CP), then the ‘cours élémentaire 1e année (Second Year, known as CE1), and the ‘cours élémentaire 2e année’ (Third year, known as CE2). Then comes the consolidation stage or ‘cycle 3’, comprising of the ‘cours moyen 1e année’ (Fourth Year, known as CM1), the ‘cours moyen 2e année (Fifth year, known as CM2) and the 6ème, first year of Middle school.
For these reasons the Foreign Language policy of the school focuses on the learning of English and Croatian, the language of our host country. In CP for instance children are offered 1h30mn of English and 2h15mn of Croatian a week increasing to 2h15mn each of Croatian and English from CE1. Thus, each child, from the youngest age, follows a personalised school career.
The assessment of the pupils’ progression is done through continuous evaluation in the classroom. Families are regularly invited to come and consult their child’s work. At the end of every term each child receives an individual school report containing their teacher’s comments which is communicated electronically to the parents.
Elementary school pupils also have the opportunity to gain foreign languages certifications in particular the DELF prim for French as a Foreign Language.
Croatian citizens and residents
French and Croatian School Systems differ based on the age of enrolment of the child:
French System admits children enroll to CP (classe preparatory) in the year the turn they 6 years (ages 5 1/2 to 6 1/2)
Croatian System enrolled to 1st grade in the year they turn 6 the 1st of April (ages 6 1/2 to 7 1/2)
This difference is important for children who wish to continue their schooling in Croatian Schooling system.