Created in 1996 at the initiative of an association of parents and private companies together with the support of the French Embassy to Croatia, the French International School of Zagreb offers an education in compliance with the French national curriculum and pedagogy.

As a private not for profit school located in the leafy surroundings of Fratrovac not far from the city centre and delivering a high quality educational offer the success of the French school in Zagreb was immediate and has not ceased growing.

At the beginning a small operation the school was managed by the “Mission Laique Française”. As it grew and as a Eurocampus project was formed between the French and German schools present in Zagreb the French school’s management needs changed leading to the creation in 2005 of an association registered under Croatian law: the “Association pour le Dévelopement et le Soutien de l’École Française de Zagreb”

This Association has been managing the school ever since. The Association is constituted of all current school parents who are members by right and who elect a management board, the “Comité de Gestion”. This management board heads the school in all administrative and financial affairs while the school principal is responsible for all pedagogical questions.

Since 2005 the FISZ is under contract with the AEFE, the Agency for French Education Abroad, which is responsible for monitoring and managing the network of French School abroad as well as certifying that the teaching provided by the school complies with the demands, curricula, teaching objectives and organizational rules of the French education system.

The French School of Zagreb becomes the French International School of Zagreb to better reflect its true position and mission in the local educational environment.
Full accreditation of the Preschool by the City of Zagreb who recognises the compliance with the requirements of the Croatian school system and opens the possibility for financial support to Preschool parents under certain circumstances.
Full accreditation of the Middle School by the French Ministry of Education via the AEFE. All Middle School students are taught in person by fully qualified teachers.
The school becomes an examination centre for the “Diplôme National du Brevet” (DNB) that all Middle School leavers sit at the end of the 3ème.
2014, Accreditation by Croatian Ministry of Education
Full accreditation of the Elementary School and of the Middle School by the Croatian Ministry of Education.
2014, Opening of the High School
Opening of a High School section. Since then our High School students follow their classes with the CNED system and are supported by fully qualified tutors in all subjects.
2008, 4eme and 3eme
Opening of the classes of 4ème and 3ème
2007, opening of the 5eme
Opening of a class of 5ème opened under the same structure.
Opening of a class of 6ème opened in cooperation with the CNED the “Centre National d’Éducation à Distance” the French National Centre for Distance Learning.
2005, AEFE
Full accreditation of our Preschool and Elementary schools by the French Ministry of Education via the AEFE.
2005, Eurocampus
  • birth of the Eurocampus
  • birth of the French school in its current form
  • French school under contract with the AEFE
1996, EFZ
School was created at the initiative of an association of parents and private companies.
From under a dozen students at its creation in 1996 to over 120 students today with one form per year and a dedicated staff of fully qualified teachers FISZ has grown to become a highly regarded international school in Zagreb, proud to deliver high quality educational opportunities to its students and proud to broaden the influence of the French language and culture in Croatia.