Message from our Principal

The French International School of Zagreb is a supportive community of friends proud of its diversity and international openness.

Offering outstanding academic learning in a unique European environment we help all our pupils to explore their boundaries, grow in confidence and express their identity. Here our Principal, Mrs Catherine Fronsacq welcomes you to the school and explains why for her FISZ is such a special place…

Welcome to the French International School of Zagreb / Eurocampus.

As a local school, FISZ is part of the Eurocampus of Zagreb, a unique institution that includes a French and a German school. Both schools share, as Eurocampus, facilities, teachers, and activities (fieldtrips, afterschool programs…). This exceptional partnership gives our students unrivalled possibilities to benefit from multi-cultural interactions and to improve their language skills, something we value very deeply as language practice development is at the core of our school mission.
As an international school, FISZ is part of the French network of institutions managed by the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad*) which comprises now of more than 492 institutions and 340,000 students over 137 countries. FISZ provides education from Preschool to the final level of High School and also prepares students for French, German and English certifications. We offer quality personalized assistance for the success of each student’s personal academic journey.
Respect, solidarity, and accepting diversity are some of our core values. The diverse nature of our public and the array of cultural and sports activities provide each student with exceptional enrichment opportunities and build true citizens for the future.
Through close collaboration with the parents and the school management board, the school is constantly improving upon its teaching and learning environment with plans of future expansion.
However, everybody who knows FISZ will tell you that it is only when you visit us on our Eurocampus and see and feel for yourself what exists here, that one can fully appreciate the atmosphere of this unique community.
We have a combination of motivated students, quality facilities and truly committed teachers and staff members, who all embrace the responsibility to maintain a learning and working environment where each can flourish. This is part of what makes FISZ special. A sense of care that is almost palpable as you spend time in and around our school.
The importance of caring for each child, their learning and their success is at the heart of our school’s approach and you can count on our continuous support to help you to have a positive experience with our school.
If this resonates with you, please do come and visit FISZ. It would be our pleasure to show you around.
Catherine Fronsacq, Principal